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Faux Rock / Faux Stone Fencing For Buffalo, NY & Western New York

Faux Rock / Faux Stone Fencing Has All The Beauty Of A Stone Privacy Wall At A Fraction Of The Cost. Made With Reinforced High-Impact PE, Faux Stone Fencing Can Withstand Wind Gusts To 130mph & Temperatures -40 to 150F - An Elegant Privacy Wall Solution For WNY

SimTek Concrete Fencing For Buffalo NY, & Western New York
SimTek Faux Rock Privacy Fencing For Pool Enclosures, Garden Enclosures...

SimTek Faux Stone Wall Privacy Fencing...
...The Privacy Fence That Looks Like A Stone Wall

A Faux Rock / Stone Fence has the elegant appearance of a stone wall, and will add a beautiful touch to any outdoor area. Faux Rock / Stone Fencing features:

City Fence is your SimTek Distributor For Buffalo NY, & Western New York

  • 6 Colors To Choose From
  • Stone Wall Appearance: Has the Look of Natural Stone, but Not the Cost
  • Very Strong & Extremely Durable: Steel-Reinforced UV-Stabilized High-Impact Polyethylene Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Sound Barrier: Blocks 98% of Direct Sound (Wood Fence Blocks 75%)
  • Light Weight Fence Panels: Much Lower Density than Stone Wall
  • Maintenance-Free: Graffiti Resistant - Just Wash With A Pressure Washer
  • Ideal For Our WNY Climate: Resists Wind Gusts to 130mph and Temperatures -40 to 140F
  • Available in 6 UV-Stabilized Fade-Resistant Colors
  • Pre-Assembled Gates & Hardware Available
  • Easy DIY Installation

Perfect for any setting, Faux Rock / Stone Privacy Fencing is the ideal alternative to a real stone privacy wall. Tough & Crack-Resistant, its strength and durability help it to stand up against the toughest abuse, including repeated hits from a baseball hurled at over 90 mph.

This decorative backyard fence features the look and feel of natural stone, but it doesn't carry the high price tag typically associated with traditional rock / stone walls.

SimTek Faux Stone Wall Privacy Fence has many benefits over more expensive stone walls or concrete fence options. SimTek Faux Stone Fence is maintenance-free, never requiring sanding or painting, and it is graffiti resistant. If anyone tries to mark on your fences with paint, it can be removed with a simple, citrus-based cleaner or simply power washed away.

SimTek Faux Rock Privacy Fences are built to stand against the elements and extreme temperature changes, and they have a lifetime warranty to back them up. Created not to fade from the sun's rays, the panels are also reinforced with steel rails in the top and bottom so they have extra strength.

City Fence is your SimTek Faux Rock Fence Distributor for Western New York. Choose from DIY self-installation or have our professional fencing team install your fence. Either way, call us for expert advice and a FREE on-site estimate.

For A Stone Privacy Wall Look, Without The High Cost & Weight, Contact City Fence!
We Install SimTek Faux Rock / Stone Privacy Fencing, With A Lifetime Warranty, Anywhere In The Buffalo NY / Western New York Area - For More Information Call 716.206.0511 or E-mail



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