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Dumpster & Garbage /Recycle Area Fencing For Buffalo, NY & Western New York

Dumpster Garbage / Recycle Enclosure Screens Are required By Many WNY Municipalities. City Fence Can Help You Design The Right Fencing To Meet Local Codes & Complement Your Site. We Build & Install Dumpster & Garbage / Recycle Enclosure Fencing For Companies All Across WNY

Dumpster & Garbage / Recycle Enclosure Fencing

Many Western New York Municipalities have already passed legislation requiring the owners of commercial buildings to screen their dumpsters and garbage containers, and more municipalities are following this trend.

Fencing in Your dumpsters and garbage containers protects your business by preventing unauthorized access to your recycle and waste. It also increases the curb appeal of your buildings, and makes you a better neighbor by helping prevent dispersal of your waste and recycle materials by animals and weather events.


Expert Dumpster & Garbage / Recycle Fence Design

City Fence Dumpster & Garbage / Recycle Fencing Experts can help you design the ideal dumpster enclosure that will compliment your building and meet all local code requirements.

Dumpster & Garbage / Recycle Fencing must provide visibility screening around your dumpster area. This application is well-served by commercial privacy fencing products such as pressure-treated lumber fencing and gates. Chain Link Privacy Slats is also a popular choice as shown.

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