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Fences & Fencing Installation FAQ

Answers To Your Most Commonly Asked Questions About Fencing & Fence Installation Best Practices In The Buffalo, NY / Western New York Region

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Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

When Installing A Fence, Who Contacts Dig Safe NY?

If You choose to have City Fence Install Your fencing, we will contact Dig Safe, NY to have the public utilities marked.

Your private utilities, power to shed, pool, etc., and any underground main power from street or power pole, will all need to be marked by a private locator. There is an additional charge for this – our salesman will discuss this fully with you before you purchase your fence.

Will My Fence Installation Be Completed In One Day?

No, not usually.

Wood, PVC, & Chain Link Fencing require posts to be set in wet cement or concrete. This takes about 7 days to cure before the fencing panels can be installed.

Ornamental fencing installation however, does usually get completed in one day.

How Often Do I Need To Stain My Pressure-Treated Fence?

Pressure-treated fencing does not need to be stained to be preserved. Staining is usually done for the sake of aesthetic reasons only.

If you do decide to stain your fence, it is a requirement to wait about 6 months from the time your fence is installed before it can be stained.

Do I Need a Permit To Install A Fence?

Not all towns require a permit, approximately 50% of towns in Western New York do. Your salesperson will have this information, or you can visit You will need to select NY State, then your Town or Village. In the Search box enter "Fence Codes" and search.

Do I Need a Land Survey When Installing A Fence?

A Sample Land Survey
Click on image for download

Yes, we require a Land Survey in order to accurately locate the correct position for your new fence. We also require a Land Survey in order to confirm that your existing fence was correctly located with respect to your property boundaries. Finally, if your town or city building department requires a permit, you will need to present your Land Survey when applying for it.

When you purchased your home you most likely obtained a copy of the Land Title Survey that clearly identified the location of:

  • All boundary lines for your property
  • Any easements/encroachments
  • All utility structures
  • Any additions and permanent outbuildings
  • Any other conditions or geographic features that affect the property

A copy of your Land Title Survey will normally be included with the closing papers and deeds for your home. If you cannot locate your Land Title Survey you may be able to obtain a copy by approaching the lawyer who managed your home closing. Alternatively, you can usually obtain a copy by enquiring about your survey records at your town / city hall, or by perusing the title abstracts at your county clerks office. Otherwise, you may need to order a Land Survey from a Title Company.

A ‘Sample’ Land Survey is shown here to help you to recognize what you are looking for.

Again, your salesman will discuss this fully with you before you purchase your fence.


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