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Residential Fencing & Fence Installation For Western New York
Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, Chain Link Fences, & Faux Rock Fences

City Fence Is Your Residential Fencing Center Of Expertise For Unbeatable Pricing On Quality Fencing Products, Professional Fence Installation, & Rapid Fence Repair Services in Buffalo, NY & WNY

Residential Fencing by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York

Residential Fencing Materials & Styles

City Fence offers You a wide range of fencing materials that will provide your home with a beautiful fence that will last for years to come in our Western New York Climate. From traditional red pine pressure-treated Wood Fencing through, Aluminum Rail Fences, Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fences, Vinyl Fences, and even Faux Stone Privacy Fencing, you have many styles and textures to choose from.

Whether you choose to have our courteous and friendly installation crew professionally install your fence, or you prefer to install your own Do It Yourself (DIY) fence, City Fence has the best selection of high-quality fences at the best prices in Western New York.

To find out more about each type of fencing product, click on an image or link below:

Vinyl Fencing & Planters

Bufftech Picket Fence Vinyl Fencing by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
Bufftech Vinyl Picket Fence shown

Wood Fencing

Heritage Concave Wood Fence by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
Heritage Concave Wood Fence shown

Aluminum Fencing

Ornamental Aluminum Property Line Fencing With Circles & Tri-Finials by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
Black Aluminum Fence with Circles & Tri-Finials shown

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
4′ Galvanized Chain Link Fence shown

Molded EcoStone Fencing

SimTek EcoStone Molded Privacy Fence by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
SimTek EcoStone Privacy Fence shown

Molded Faux Wood Fencing

SimTek Sherwood Molded Faux Wood Privacy Fence by City Fence Buffalo, NY & Western New York
SimTek Sherwood Privacy Fence shown


Your Residential Fencing Experts In WNY

We stock a wider range of high-quality fence panels, accessories, & supplies, than any of the “big-box” stores
and if you ever need expert advice or support with your fencing just contact the experts at City Fence:
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City Fence is proud to offer You:

  • A 5 Year Warranty on all Fence Installation workmanship.
  • Plus a separate Manufacturers Warranty on your fence.
  • Lifetime Warranty Available on some fence types.
  • Help in obtaining Permits, when required.
  • FREE Estimates & consultation on new Fence Installation.
  • FREE Expert Advice for DIY fence projects.
  • Custom Fencing – whatever fencing project you have in mind, we’ve probably done it before, and our fencing experts will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

City Fence – Fencing Services

Free Fencing Estimates
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Rapid Fence Repair Services
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We Also Offer:
DIY Fencing Supplies
Residential Stair Railing
Deck Railing (on concrete decks)
Mail Box Posts

City Fence Is Your Premier Supplier of Residential Fencing Products In WNY
We also Offer Professional Fence Installation Services Throughout Western New York
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