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Residential Chain Link Fencing For Buffalo, NY & Western New York

Chain Link Fence Is Strong & Durable, Secure, Easily Installed and Cost-Effective.
Chain Link Fencing Is Available In A Range Of Colors & Can Even Be Fitted With Privacy Slats
City Fence Can Install Your Chain Link Fence Anywhere In Western New York

Residential Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing is incredibly strong, durable, secure and cost-effective, making it one of the most popular choices for many residential fencing applications.

Chain Link Fencing is also available in a range of Colors, and Sizes. Your chain link fence can even be fitted with Privacy Slats.



City Fence inventory includes a complete line of chain link fencing material available in various heights, mesh sizes, wire gauges, and colors:

  • Standard (Silver-Grey) Galvanized Finish Chain Link Fencing
  • Black Vinyl-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fencing
  • Green Vinyl-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fencing
  • White Vinyl-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Green Chain-Link Fence Privacy Slats by City Fence of Buffalo, NY & WNY
Privacy Slats

Convert your existing chain link fence to a Partial Privacy Fence by adding Privacy Slats. We can install them for you, or you can easily install our DIY Privacy Slats yourself.

Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.
Call 716.206.0511 to confirm our current stock or to find out about special ordering from our privacy slat catalog.

Chain Link Fence Installation For Buffalo, NY & Western New York

For those people who want their fence erected quickly and properly, with minimum hassle, call in the City Fence Professional Fence Installation Team. We work throughout the Western New York area, it costs less than you might think, and our work comes with a 5 year installation guarantee and separate panel warranty.

The Fence Post Footer is a critical component of the fence system that must be correctly designed and installed in order to securely anchor your fence posts and panels to the ground. Since Chain Link Fences in Western New York will be subjected to freeze-thaw cycles during the winter and high wind loads throughout the year, City Fence has designed a proprietary High Strength Concrete Footer Mix that has proven to be durable over decades in local fence installations.

When installing your Chain Link Fence, we will first excavate holes that extend 36 inches deep down into the ground, below the winter frost line. We will then mix and pour wet concrete footers into the holes, installing each fence post within a footer. Industry best practice requires that we then allow the concrete footers to cure for approximately 7 days before subjecting them to any significant loads.

Therefore, We Will Wait For Approximately 1 Week Before Returning To Build & Install Your Chain Link Fence!

During this concrete curing period, it is very important that you take steps to protect your exposed fence posts, for example; by making sure that children or pets do not place stress on them during the first week. By taking the extra effort and time to design and install your fence post footers and cure them correctly we are able to guarantee your fence installation for 5 years, and we expect your footers to last for decades.

City Fence Is Your Premier Chain Link Fence Outlet For Buffalo, NY & WNY
We Also Offer Optional Chain Link Fencing Installation Throughout The Western New York Area
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